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Fleet Savings

With unpredictable gas prices and a weak economy, municipalities and utilities need to find ways to provide the same level of service with smaller budgets. There are two choices – reduce the number of vehicles in your fleets (with potential safety and security risks), or instruct officers, EMTs and other personnel to shut engines off and draw power for the critical auxiliary accessories from the battery.

The problem with the second option is that frequent deep discharges shorten the life of conventional starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) batteries. So gas savings are offset by the cost to replace them more frequently.

The answer is the revolutionary ODYSSEY 12V heavy/duty commercial battery! Thanks to its unique design and massive deep cycling capability, the maintenance free, drycell design battery has the reserve power to run on-board accessories with the engine off – without shortening battery life.

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City of Rock Hill Case Study Video
...After a single month, we will be reducing our overall cost to operate every car in the fleet while, at the same time, reducing our carbon footprint in the community.
- Marty Burr, Performance Manager,
City of Rock Hill, SC
"Let North American Battery Systems provide the solutions for your fleet's needs."